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Tongue in cheek

Mumbai’s Traffic Is Faster Than Quickest Snail: Andy Mukherjee

An excerpt,

‘Archie, the garden mollusk that won the 1995 World Snail Racing Championship at the Congham Church’s annual fete in Norfolk, U.K., covered a 13-inch circular course in 2 minutes.

That record, which remains unbroken, gave the plodding slug a speed of almost 10 meters per hour.

Cars and taxis in Mumbai, by comparison, are 1,500 times faster. Motorists are now zipping through town at a breakneck speed of 15 kilometers (9 miles) per hour, according to Bombay First, an advocacy group that still uses the city’s old name.’

For the record, the flight from Chennai to mumbai takes about 1.5 hours while it took me about 2.5 hours to travel from Mumbai airport to Mulund.

(link via India Uncut)

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Office space

This is really funny. I can totally relate to the printer thing.

This one from Office Space is an all time classic.

(First link via India Uncut)

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LG Viewty


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Jodha – Akbar – Short review


A little too long.

Good performances.

Good music.

Worth a watch. On the big screen.

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I got married.

Snaps and other info to follow soon.

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Yeh subprime kya hai?

Unless you’ve had your head buried in sand for the past few months, or have been living in a cave in the mountains with no contact with the human world, you probably know about the whole subprime-liquidity-credit crunch situation that has been haunting the world markets for the last many months.

I am no expert on the topic, but have a very basic idea of the situation. What I do have is a very good primer on the ongoing crisis. The link is : – also click on the links within the article to uncover a wealth of information of the various related topics/issues.

Of course, this piece is far from perfect but it is a very good start if you are completely uninitiated. It gives a macro picture to the whole case.

Also check out this link for a ground level report, the root cause of all this :

Cheers !!!!


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