Match Summary – caught Ethics bowled Eco

Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to the post match report of the first of the three ODIs between the CFAI and VP at the Thakur College stadium on Dec 3,Sunday. It was a full house today with almost 3500 turning up for the much-awaited match up.

Without much ado, lets get to the action. VP had predecided on a very unconvetional batting order with FSA and Asset Valuation (AV+PF) opening the innings followed by Ethics,Quant in the middle and Eco bringing up the tail.

Since it was home ground, VP had a slight advantage over others and rightfully got cracking in the first innings with FSA and AV completing in record time(1.5 hrs). Then came the middle order. Ethics was always going to be tricky and was on a tricky wicket from the word go.Finally after wasting much time in the initial deliveries, panic set in and started hitting blindly (a la Sehwag).
Then came an unanticipated respite in the form of Quant.It played above expectations and was completed in normal time. Eco lived up to its tailender reputation by hitting almost all deliveries blindly.All in all the first session, the performance was a little above expectations.

The unexpected performance in the first innings gave rise to renewed fears of a fightback by the CFAI in the noon session. And truly, compared to the first, the 2nd session was a disaster. Except FSA and to some extent AV, no player could read the pitch correctly and the middle order collapsed like a pack of cards.The tailender didn’t even give a glimpse of a fightback.The less said the better about the second session.

So, the final decision rests in the hands of the Third Umpire(CFAI) . Fingers Crossed (both hands and feet).Let’s hope the first session performance gets the team through.


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Music Reviews

I know by now you must have read millions of reviews on the latest music releases so I will not bore you and get right down to the point. Below I have selected some songs from the latest releases which I think are worth listening.

basekpal.jpg1) Tere Bin – Bas Ek Pal – Simply Awesome. After the somewhat overhyped Bheegi Bheegi from Gangster, Atif Aslam infuses even more pathos/passion into his vocals. Brilliant.

2) Bas Ek Pal – Title song – I am not exactly a fan of Dominique Cerejo after hearing her in Paanch, so thankfully she sticks to crooning only three words “Bas Ek Pal” innumerable times almost all throughout the track. But the one singer who is arguably one of the best we have in India, renders this song with such effortless ease that you cant help humming “tere pyaar mein” even in you sleep – Kay Kay

khaike.jpg3) Don – Main Hoon Don – Next up is the most awaited soundtrack of the most awaited film of 2006.Honestly,like many others even I had expected remixes of the old Don’s soundtrack. And again like many others, I was taken completely surprised by the opening number. Shaan is known to be one of the most dependable singers of late and here he does complete justice to his assignment as he sings a completely different version of “Main Hoon Don”. Although the tune will be a bit difficult to get used to, after a couple of hearings,it’s a gem.

4) Don – Khaike paan banaras wala – I have to admit. The only times I have heard this song are while watching the movie or on the radio,functions,etc.So when I heard this version I could not make critical comparisons with the original.All in all this one is a foot tapping number and a very peppy one at that too.

priyanka-and-isha.jpg5) Don – Aaj ki Raat – Saving the best for the last,although many will disagree.Haven’t you ever wondered ,after listening to a particular song, how good or bad it will look on the big screen i.e. will the video do justice to the song.Me too(case in point – Chhaiya Chhaiya or Beedi -Omkara). I had never heard the older version of this one before(if ever there is one).So this according to me is the best song of the album.I have read somewhere that this is picturised on SRK,Priyanka and Kareena.Can’t Wait.

6) Woh Lamhe – Kya mujhe Pyaar hai – One song I would like to specially mention is this track from the album “Woh Lamhe” which is once again sung by Kay Kay. “Extremely hummable” (quote courtesy Anand) Even though the tune is supposedly lifted from some Indonesian singer (who cares?), the lyrics are too good and overall a very addittive track.Worth a Listen.

Review also posted on Mouthshut :
Don – Mouthshut

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Naan oru Tamil padam paarthaen

There. I have done it.

I watched a Tamil movie yesterday – Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu (roughly translated as ‘To hunt To play’)

So the next time someone teases me “Have you seen a Tamil movie yet?”, I can say “Yes,I have.”. And i’m also planning to buy a camera to capture the look on their faces.

Did I understand the movie, you ask?

vv_m.jpgYes, I did. Atleast most of it. It was a typical bollywood/hollywood masala action movie.And it starred one of the kings of southern cinema – Kamal Hassan.You know he rules when you hear the entire ciname hall erupt in whistles and cat calls as soon as he makes an appearance and subsequently everytime he delivers a cracking dialogue.(…..the last time I witnessed such a euphoria jubiliation was while watching Lagaan…ppl were literally dancing near the screen…..)

vettaiyaduvilayadu-39.jpgAnyways, the story revolves around a tough widower cop DCP Raghavan(Kamal Hassan) and his quest to find out the killers (two psychopaths) of his good friend and family.It takes him to various places including New York (which was a welcome relief to me since the dialogues were in english with tamil subtitles).

The motive of the psychos is not explained properly.They keep mumbling something about saving the world by killing people and such crap.But who cares as long as our superstar kicks their b#@$.

vettaiyaduvilayadu-31.jpgThere is also the mandatory love angle in the form of Aradhana(Jyothika), a divorcee with a kid who falls in love with Raghavan in New York.The film has a happy ending wherein Raghavan kills the two villains and saves his love.

It’s a staight forward movie which follows a linear story and I could very well get a good drift of the goings on almost 3/4 of the time.Only some scenes heavy with dialogue went over my head.But for those also, I had my friends to translate important tidbits for me.

vettaiayadu-vilayadu-51.jpgThe performances were fairly good.Kamal Hassan doesn’t get to emote much,hence could’nt display his acting prowess.Jyothika is just a fill-in and does her job well.

Overall the movie was a time pass.

The End

Atleast watch the trailer here – Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu

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The reason for the blog address

“Hazaaron khwaishein aisi
ki har khwaish pe dum nikle
Bahut nikle mere armaan
lekin phir bhi kam nikle”

– Mirza Ghalib

Click Smiley to Listen –   music-smiley-004.gif   

Full text here

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Welcome to my new home

After the monumental failure of the undersigned to install a mere hitcounter on this blogbanghead.gif a one-man committee was assigned to look into the reasons for such a disaster.In what can be called a first in the history of such committees, the decision to shift from Blogspot was arrived idea1.gif in approximately 45 days, 4 hours and 11 minutes (the shortest in the history of the undersigned’s life).

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